Our Mission

Welcome to the NYU Stern community. We are a school with energy and excellence, IQ and EQ, neighborhood roots and global reach.

Stern’s vision begins with people and ideas. Our students and faculty continue to redefine what business can do to create value for shareholders and society. The possibilities for reinvention in the 21st century are endless. It is this potential that inspires what we call An Education in Possible.

— Dean Peter Henry

We believe in the tremendous potential of individuals to solve global problems through the power of business. Founded on this belief, our vision is to develop people and ideas that transform 21st century problems into opportunities to create value for business and society.



Academic excellence is the foundation of our education. We believe excellence is rooted in a broad awareness of global dynamics and realized by equipping students to solve real problems in real time. By working hand-in-hand with unparalleled faculty and peers, our students develop and implement ideas that challenge the limits of business and create value to change the world for the better.

The culture of our education is shaped by the fundamental belief that collective initiative far exceeds the sum of individual efforts. Inside and outside the classroom through peers, faculty and the greater Stern network, collaboration is deeply woven into every part of Stern life.




Our education is fueled by a community of exceptional individuals–individuals who possess both intellectual and interpersonal strengths to act as forces for change by turning ideas into action and inspiring others to their cause.


Our education takes place in a classroom unlike any other at the intersection of world business, policy and culture. We believe in harnessing the energy of global hubs to immerse students in hands-on learning opportunities and give them the resources they need to apply their education and bring their ideas to life.